PCR test

Covid test and fit to fly certificate

Airport Doctor DK’s Covid tests are performed with high-end testing machinery, making it the place to go for travelers going to and from Denmark through Copenhagen Airport. The result of the Covid test will be printed on a globally recognized doctor validated certificate for the recipient country.

If you are worried that you might be infected, we recommend getting a PCR test regardless of the rules (or lack there of) in the countries, that you are travelling in between. It would be unfortunate to infect other travellers or in the case of business travel: other business partners. Airport Doctor DK will make sure that the Covid test is quick, reliable and easy.

We should still take social and personal responsibility and be considerate to the most fragile among us. We do this by getting the occasional Covid test done, keeping a good distance to other people and in general by being thoughtful, when we are around a lot of people.

With a high-speed PCR test for travel, the Covid test-result is ready within 25 to 45 minutes, or you can get a traditional RT-PCR test and have a result at hand within around two hours.


What is needed for the appointment

Please bring Your passport since we use it for Your test certificate

We are located in Terminal 2 across check in counter 102 on the 1st floor. 


Antigen 550 DKK

25 min RT-PCR 2500 DKK

45 min RT-PCR 2200 DKK

120 min RT-PCR 2000 DKK

Prescription max 3 products 550 DKK

Fit to Fly 2550 DKK

Card or cash
You are welcome to pay in DKK, EUR or USD. All cards are accepted.

Online booking

Via email or walk in.

When you book a Covid test, you must accept our terms and conditions. You cannot get a refund after the test has started or the medical examination has begun.

We do not send certificates by e-mail. We don´t hand out the CT value.

Please note that for medical services, the cancellation policy is different from, for example, online shopping.
Read our conditions for cancellation here.

You can book your Fit to Fly booking at : help@airportdoctor.dk.     

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