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What is needed for the appointment

Please bring Your passport and Airport crew ID card (if already in a co-working company),

Fill out and bring for CC

Fill out and bring for CL 1,2 og LAPL

Medial records from birth to date has to be on, 1177.SE or in paper edition.

Glasses / lenses have to be verified with a document from the optician / eye doctor if produced due to eye abnormalities.

We are located in Terminal 2 across check in counter 102 on the 1st floor.

Opening hours
Mail confirmed appointments. If we can´t be of service then we´ll try our best to facilitate another doctor to help You.


3.700 DKK for all class 2 / CC examinations including all needed tests incl. VAT 25%.

1.850 DKK for 30 min consultation – no VAT.

700 DKK for a 12 panel urine test under supervision.

Card or cash
You are welcome to pay in DKK, EUR or USD. All cards are accepted.


Only confirmed appointments via

Please note that for medical services, the cancellation policy is different from, for example, online shopping.
Read our conditions for cancellation here.